Netbook WM8505

Customizing the Chinese Netbook with WM8505 ARM Processor

Restoring Windows CE

The Chinese made Netbook with the Arm WM8505 processor comes with Windows CE 6.0. However, many users have chosen to replace this obsolete, crippled operating system with Android or Linux. Unfortunately, this fails on many systems due to a variation in the motherboard/hard drive chip design.

To recover Windows CE first download and flash with the Chinese WinCE. This will fail but will reset something in the system. Next download and flash with WinCE. This should work and reset the netbook to its original state.

For those owners who still encounter troubles, I have included many other scripts to try. Try running a droid script (like Droid 1.9) to clear things up before starting the previous procedure. Also try the Bankof script. If all else fails yell, cry, curse, and beg… I hear the Chinese Netbook gods respond well to 4 letter words.

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